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Should you drink a green juice?

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File this under the category of questions I’m always asked: Should I drink a green juice? The answer depends, in part, on your goals, and how likely you are to meet your produce needs throughout the week.

Weight loss. If your clothes aren’t fitting well and you’d like to slim down, blending up your fruits and veggies is a better way to go. Juicing removes the filling component of fruit—the fiber—and it may also have more calories than a blended drink since it takes more food to produce the same volume. And speaking of volume, the space a smoothie takes up in your tummy can contribute to feelings of fullness. Juice, on the other hand, hasn’t been shown to have the same impact.

Healthy eating. If you have no trouble meeting your produce quota, a green juice probably isn’t necessary. It may even contribute to weight gain if you’re drinking it in addition to eating snacks and your three daily meals. Juices often contain more fruits than veggies, which drives up the calories, carbs, and sugar—and none of us need these in excess, even if they come with lots of vitamins and minerals.

For my tips on making the best green smoothie, check out my quick video.

When green juice gets the green light. I would always prefer someone eat veggies over drinking them for the reasons described above, but some people find it difficult to get the recommended servings of fruits and veggies each day. I have clients who are so busy at work, it becomes difficult to eat properly, and other clients say they’re eating all their veggies but upon closer look, are falling short. If you’re in one of these categories, a green juice might help you fill in the nutrition gaps.

Here are some green juices from mainstream brands available at most markets. What makes a good green juice?

· A simple ingredient list

· A vegetable is always the first ingredient

· The juice has more veggies than fruits

These tips should help you shop for a juice if you can’t find one of these!


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