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I've appeared in numerous national and local broadcast segments. Have a look at some of my work.

Does Gluten Make you Fat?

Dr. Oz

Does gluten make you gain weight? Dr. Oz talks to Samantha Cassetty, M.S., R.D. 

Fox 5 New York with Antwan Lewis

Fox 5 New York

Smart snacks that will help you look and feel your best.

Delta has healthier food. But does it taste good?

CNN Money

Your tastes are dulled on planes, which can lead to airlines packing food with sugar and salt. Cristina Alesci goes on a Delta flight to see how frozen food company Luvo is bringing healthier options to the skies.

Stay on your New Year’s diet with these tips

The TODAY Show

Samantha Cassetty, nutritional director with the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, offers a few tips on staying healthy in the new year and reveals some unexpected items in your kitchen that may be preventing you from losing weight. 

7 Years Younger: The New Rules for Anti-Aging

Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz is joined by the editors of Good Housekeeping to talk about their revolutionary new 7-week anti-aging plan, 7 Years Younger. Learn how you can turn back the clock with their new rules for skin care, dieting and sleep!

Good Day Street Talk

Fox 5 New York

Samantha Cassetty, M.S., R.D. talks about the 7 Years Younger Anti-Aging plan.

5 Food Groups With Unexpectedly High Sugar

The TODAY Show

Samantha Cassetty from Good Housekeeping explains that your favorite desserts and soda aren’t the only things that are high in sugar; you should also be careful when selecting breakfast sandwiches, iced coffee and frozen meals.

Do Expiration Dates Mean What You Think?

CBS Sunday Morning

Uncovering the truth about expiration dates with Erin Moriarty and Samantha Cassetty, M.S., R.D.

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