If you want to learn how to eat well without restrictive dieting and without overcomplicating things, I can help. I'll make it easy for you to figure out what to eat, manage your cravings, include the foods you love, and feel your best.  If you're ready to stop dieting and learn how enjoy balanced meals, develop a positive relationship with food and your body, eat the foods you love, and discover your healthiest self, let's talk! 

  • Does your current routine feel overwhelming, restrictive, stressful, or confusing?

  • Do you want to stop obsessing over food and learn how to get healthy while eating your favorite foods?

  • Do you want to feel confident ordering in, eating with friends, and staying on track while traveling?

  • Do you you want to learn how to manage cravings and stress and emotional eating?

I'll help you:

  • Eat well no matter where you are or how much time you have.

  • Feel confident and in control of your eating habits.

  • Learn how to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full.

  • Understand what it means to eat balanced meals and learn how to include your favorite foods whenever you want them. 

  • Learn how to manage your cravings and deal with stress and emotional eating.

  • Stop yo-yo dieting and start nourishing your body and mind so your clothes fit better and you feel more energetic, inspired, and focused.

  • Implement your personalized plan to success with custom resources and all the support you need.

All packages include: 

  • A 60-minute deep dive session where we’ll go over your lifestyle, eating habits and behaviors, and any relevant medical history. 

  • Follow-up sessions to check in, reassess your goals, and work through any specific challenges.

  • An optional one month meal plan to get you off and running with a 3-day/week menu tailored to your needs. You’ll get strategic pointers on the plan, such as appropriate substitutes, and you can swap out recipes as you wish and use the helpful grocery guide to make it easier to shop.

  • Optional weekly food log review and feedback to help you make progress between sessions.

  • Printable (or viewable) protocols that recap what we’ve discussed and sum up your next steps.

  • Chat access to answer questions or concerns that come up between sessions.

  • Mobile health app to access your custom plan, handouts, messages, and food journal all in one place.

  • Virtual sessions that are private and convenient.

The Wellness Tuneup includes one deep dive

Starter package includes one deep dive and 2 follow up sessions

Total package includes on deep dive and 5 follow up sessions


Schedule a call to see which package is right for you.



"Thank you for taking extra time with me. Our session was really helpful. I'm so impressed with  your knowledge base and your attitude about everything. You're amazing at what you do! Thank you for all of your advice!"

Anne N., New York, NY

"Samantha counseled me for a nutritional primer. I needed a basic plan and Samantha made it understandable so I was able to put it into action. She has an excellent approach and is very aware of lifestyle and daily demands and limitations and took a very realistic and pragmatic approach. She is very knowledgable and personable which made the counseling enjoyable and pleasant. I will definitely go back to Samantha for additional follow up sessions and would highly recommend her for anyone looking to change their diet and understand nutrition 101."

Adam C., New York, NY

"Working with Sam is an absolute dream. Her 'real', honest and passionate approach to nutrition really sets her apart from every professional I have every worked with in this field."

Oli M., Vancouver, BC



Who do you work with?

I can help you if you want to:

  • learn how to promote a healthier weight without restrictive dieting
  • travel or eat out and you want to feel healthier and better while doing so
  • feel overwhelmed by complicated nutrition advice
  • want to learn how to enjoy all of your favorite foods in a balanced way
  • are ready to have a healthier relationship with food and your body
  • are ready to start eating and feeling better!

What can I expect from our sessions?

  • You’ll learn how to ease into new habits that fit within your busy life.
  • You’ll get support, guidance, custom resources, and actionable steps to help you deal with your individual challenges around eating well.
  • You’ll figure out practical ways to eat well under different situations (like eating out, traveling, and more).
  • You’ll discover the strategies and tools you need to maintain your success.
  • You'll feel more confident and in control of your eating habits.
  • You'll experience a healthier, happier, more energetic life!

How much does it cost to work with you?

I give my time, support, and attention to clients who are ready to take charge of their eating habits. My packages include custom resources and ongoing support to help you implement your personalized plan to success! All of my packages include a mobile health app where you can access your goals, handouts, direct messages, and food journal (optional) in one handy place. I also offer payment plans to help you invest in yourself! For more information, see my packages: Wellness Tuneup The Starter Package The Total Package Not sure which package is right for you? Schedule a free discovery call so we can get to know each other!

Will this be covered by my insurance?

I don’t take insurance but I can provide people in the New York City area with a superbill upon request. This medical receipt can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please note that reimbursement may vary depending on your individual provider and policy.

I also offer payment plans to help you invest in yourself. Call me to discuss!

How do I get started?

Contact me to schedule a complimentary discovery call. From there, we'll decide if we want to work together. I look forward to hearing from you!

What benefits can I expect

Benefits will vary from person to person but here are some common benefits:

  • You'll learn how to ease into new habits, and how to manage your personal challenges around eating well.
  • You’ll feel more in control of your food choices and emotional, stress, and boredom eating.
  • You'll discover what healthy, balanced eating looks and feels like, whether at home or on the go.
  • You’ll get a handle on sugar cravings.
  • You’ll feel less bloated and sluggish.
  • You’ll feel more energetic and inspired.
  • You'll have more enjoyment when you eat, you'll feel content when you're done eating, and you'll have more emotional energy to put toward the things that really matter to you.
Over time, as you maintain your healthy habits, you can expect:
  • A lower risk of chronic diseases that are common with aging.
  • The tools you need to manage your health and eating habits no matter what life throws in your way.

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