Do you get overwhelmed or confused by all the healthy eating info and recipes out there or do get stuck putting long-term habits in place? Then the 2 Week Refresh is for YOU! It's designed to help you refresh your habits and accelerate behavior change. If you want to establish healthy and sustainable eating habits and routines that fit within real life, join the 2 Week Refresh. You'll get all the tips, tools, and support you need to create a life that feels so much better!


Let me know if this sounds familiar:

  • You know what you should be eating, but you just don’t act on that knowledge.

  • You feel stuck where you are.

  • You've read everything on Google but you feel overwhelmed by all the information and you just don’t know what to do—or what to do first. 

  • You wish your clothes would fit more comfortably.

  • You want to feel in control of your health and eating habits.

  • You want habits in place that enable better sleep, less stress, and that promote happiness and emotional well-being.

What can I expect from the 2 Week Refresh?

​This program was built to help help you take positive action so you can accelerate change! The 2 Week Refresh was designed to help you establish healthy and sustainable routines that fit within real life so that you feel more energetic and better in your body and clothes! Throughout the 2 Week Refresh, you'll layer in multiple healthy habits (eating well is just one of them) so that your entire wellness routine gets a refresh. We'll deal with the typical pitfalls of healthy living, including:

  • Dining out

  • Snacking (and over snacking)

  • The small change that can revamp your day

  • A game changing habit to help you control stress and boredom eating

  • A planning tool to help you stay on track in the weeks and months to come

  • Healthy habit hacks to help you stress less and sleep better

The 2 Week Refresh includes:

  • 2 7-DayMeal plans ($40 value)

  • 2 Recipe booklets ($40 value)

  • 2 Grocery guides ($20 value)

  • Multiple habit hacks and goal reminders to help you implement behavior changes to success ($400 value)

  • A simple planning tool to help you stay on track and keep the good going after the 2 Week Refresh ($10)

  • Facebook community for Q&A, accountability, and support (Invaluable!!)

All of this is valued at over $500 but for this initial launch, I'm offering this program for $129!  You definitely don't want to miss this!


How does it work?

On Friday, 4/26, you'll receive your meal plan and grocery guide so you can gear up over the weekend and make sure your fridge is fully stocked for the 4/29 launch. That’s when the program officially kicks off and you’ll begin using your meal plan. You'll unlock the second meal plan on 5/3, and you'll begin using it on 5/6.

Do you have to eat all the foods on the plan?

Definitely not! You’ll certainly experience incredible benefits if you follow the plan to a T, but this is your time to focus on what works for you, and if you only like some of the recipes, then just stick with those. If you go out a couple of times a week, that’s ok with me. The idea is to use the meal plans as a tool to both eat deliciously satisfying meals and to get a visual sense of the types and amounts of foods that best support your Refresh—both in the next two weeks and in the weeks and months to come.

Will you lose weight?

Everybody is different, but if you go from eating a lot of processed foods or other less healthful fare and immerse yourself in the 2 Week Refresh, you’ll probably lose weight. But this program is about SO. MUCH. MORE. Throughout the two weeks, you'll also get multiple habit hacks—simple, positive actions you can take to accelerate change and create a wellness strategy that works! It’s an investment in your body, mind, and emotional wellbeing, and the system is designed so that each component benefits another. Put them all together and that’s when the magic happens!

What benefits can I expect?

Benefits will vary from person to person but here are some common benefits:

  • You won’t have to wonder what to eat to feel amazing! I’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation!
  • You’ll feel more in control of your food choices and emotional, stress, and boredom eating.
  • You’ll get a handle on sugar cravings.
  • You’ll feel less bloated and sluggish.
  • You’ll feel more energetic and inspired.
  • You'll feel less irritable, angry, and cranky.
If you continue with the habits you picked up past the two weeks, you can expect:
  • Better stress resliency
  • More restorative and prolonged sleep
  • Clearer, more radiant skin with less dryness
  • Sharper focus and thinking skills so you can get stuff done more efficiently

How do I get started?

Sign up for the 2 Week Refresh by clicking on this link! By singing up, you'll get all the tools and support you need to create a life that feels amazing!

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"Thank you for taking extra time with me. Our session was really helpful. I'm so impressed with  your knowledge base and your attitude about everything. You're amazing at what you do! Thank you for all of your advice!"

Anne N., New York, NY

"Samantha counseled me for a nutritional primer. I needed a basic plan and Samantha made it understandable so I was able to put it into action. She has an excellent approach and is very aware of lifestyle and daily demands and limitations and took a very realistic and pragmatic approach. She is very knowledgable and personable which made the counseling enjoyable and pleasant. I will definitely go back to Samantha for additional follow up sessions and would highly recommend her for anyone looking to change their diet and understand nutrition 101."

Adam C., New York, NY

"Working with Sam is an absolute dream. Her 'real', honest and passionate approach to nutrition really sets her apart from every professional I have every worked with in this field."

Oli M., Vancouver, BC