the 2 week refresh

Do you get overwhelmed or confused by all the healthy eating info and recipes out there or do get stuck putting long-term habits in place? Then the 2 Week Refresh is for YOU! It's designed to help you refresh your habits and accelerate behavior change. If you want to establish healthy and sustainable eating habits and routines that fit within real life, join the 2 Week Refresh. You'll get all the tips, tools, and support you need to create a life that feels so much better!



>> you know what you should be eating, but you just don’t act on that knowledge.

>> you feel stuck where you are.

>> you've read everything on Google but you feel overwhelmed by all the information and you just don’t know what to do—or what to do first. 

>> you wish your clothes would fit more comfortably.

>> you want to feel in control of your health and eating habits.

>> you want habits in place that enable better sleep, less stress, and that promote happiness and emotional wellbeing.


WHAT can i expect from the 2 week refresh?

This program was built to help help you take positive action so you can accelerate change! The 2 Week Refresh was designed to help you establish healthy and sustainable routines that fit within real life so that you feel more energetic and better in your body and clothes! Throughout the 2 Week Refresh, you'll layer in multiple healthy habits (eating well is just one of them) so that your entire wellness routine gets a refresh. We'll deal with the typical pitfalls of healthy living, including:

  • Dining out

  • Snacking (and over snacking)

  • The small change that can revamp your day

  • A game changing habit to help you control stress and boredom eating

  • A planning tool to help you stay on track in the weeks and months to come

  • Healthy habit hacks to help you stress less and sleep better




  • 2 7-DayMeal plans ($40 value)

  • 2 Recipe booklets ($40 value)

  • 2 Grocery guides ($20 value)

  • Multiple habit hacks and goal reminders to help you implement behavior changes to success ($400 value)

  • A simple planning tool to help you stay on track and keep the good going after the 2 Week Refresh ($10)

  • Facebook community for Q&A, accountability, and support (Invaluable!!)

All of this is valued at over $500 but for this initial launch, I'm offering this program for $129!

You definitely don't want to miss this!