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Nutritionist approved healthy meal delivery services to try while you quarantine

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

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Nutritionist approved healthy meal delivery services

With social distancing orders in place and many people limiting trips to the store, many of us are turning to other ways to get food. Grocery delivery services are a lifeline, but they can be unreliable, and just because you're home around-the-clock doesn't mean you want to cook every meal from scratch. Sometimes you just need a break! Today I’m sharing some meal delivery services with you to help you get healthy food that requires no or minimal prep, because cutting down on kitchen time falls under the umbrella of self care in my book. I’ve vetted each of these services for the selection and nutrition, but I haven’t tried all of them personally. Also, I recognize that convenience comes at a cost, and these meals might be pricier than you’d like. I look at some of these services as an alternative to takeout meals or perhaps, in place of eating out (for the time being). (If takeout is more your thing, read my 7 Tips to Help you Order Healthy Takeout.) Many are similarly-priced and are a nice option when you’re tired of kitchen and cleanup duty or you just want to add more variety to your routine menu. Here are my nutritionist approved healthy meal delivery services to try while you’re under quarantine at home. (Side note: I'm not receiving a kickback for suggesting these services. I just offer this info as a service to you!)

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to takeout meals delivered straight to your door, you might enjoy this option. Freshly offers anywhere between four and 12 meals per week, and you can easily put your subscription on pause (or cancel altogether). Meals come fresh in microwavable containers, but the service offers instructions for those who would prefer to cook in an oven. Their FAQs say you can freeze meals if you won’t eat them in time, and the service makes it very easy to check ingredients and nutrition stats before you place an order.

This service is great if you want an easy-to-assemble meal. You’ll select among various components, like riced or noodled veggies, salads or stir-fry blends; grains, such as brown rice, flatbreads, or lentil or chickpea pasta; and proteins, such as chicken sausage, turkey patties, or grass-fed meatballs. Everything comes together with one of their flavorful, plant-based sauces. They also offer a limited snack selection and some desserts made with healthier ingredients.

I’m a huge fan of these plant-centric frozen soups, smoothies, bowls, and snacks, and I was recently treated to a sneak peek of their newly launched flatbreads, which also get my thumb’s up. While the flatbreads are easy to store, the rest of the food requires a bit of freezer space.

Since the meals are on the light side, I’d suggest adding an easy protein option, like poached or scrambled eggs, leftover chicken, or canned, rinsed beans. Daily Harvest’s selection goes beyond meals so If you’re tired of your snack repertoire, add some of their bites to your box. I’ve tried them all and I can’t pick a favorite!

If you ever wished you had a private chef—or you’re just missing your restaurant days—you might like the selection of chef-created offerings from this meal delivery service. Choose from healthy meals like Salmon with Berry Glaze or Pulled BBQ Chicken with Napa Slaw. Not every meal hits a nutritional home run, but they do bring up calories and allergen info as you’re selecting your menu, and you can also filter by your dietary and cuisine preferences. If you want more info, you can also drill down to discover the complete ingredient list and nutritional profile for each meal. For now, this service is only available on the East Coast.

These freezer meals were formerly known as the brand Luvo (a brand I advise). They offer a flavorful selection of carb-wise, keto-friendly, and Mediterranean Diet-based frozen meals that you pop in the microwave (though oven instructions are also offered). Every meal is designed with taste and nutrition in mind, and each one has at least a full serving of veggies and a controlled amount of sodium and added sugar. If you’re craving comfort but want to feel good after eating, you can stock up on these meals. Right now, they’re only delivering to select states on the West Coast.

If you're more the meal kit type, but want a time-saving option, consider this service.The main drawback with traditional meal kits is that they don’t save you any time chopping or prepping ingredients. Gobble solves this problem by doing the prep work for you, which means you can whip up a meal—and break out of a cooking rut—in about 15 minutes. Though I couldn’t find a complete ingredient list or nutritional info, the site shares calorie and allergy info, and it also lets you know which ingredients may be optional (such as a wheat-based pita for those on a gluten free diet).

I hope these healthy meal delivery services help you eat well while you’re under quarantine! If you’re looking for recipes that use mostly pantry staples, download my FREE resource booklet that includes 10 easy recipes to make while you’re riding out the coronavirus pandemic at home.

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